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The design center that takes care of idea generation and design works. Here, we work hard to bring new products to life. We design everything from logos to the new games to the very clothes that you may wear to that casual meeting. But, we mostly specialized in T-shirts, caps, trainers and games; those fun things that you pick and go within a short time. These are the responsibilities endowed on this department. If you need logo designed for your company or small business, just get in touch with our managers for very professional, prompt, timely and efficient work.   

These are all our brands, and we are proud to present all of them to our wide client family. We love what we do, and are doing, with  infinite passion and exuberance. We want every part of you to be every bit and part of us; to share in the pleasant and fun that comes with every succes.

Custom Design Your own T-shirts
Welcome To Our Site
Sports Styles is the one company that is out to bring lots of new brand names into the world of sports. Lots of people the world over love and adore sports, and have made either a hobby or professions out of it. We have taken the time to design new types of sports for all seasons and places; be it indoor or outdoor game, be it table games or just board games. If you are a lover of any of these styles of games or sports, you surely will find something close to your heart's desire.

Sports Styles come not only with games and sporting goods but have taken your clothing interests to heart and provided a huge assortment of clothes of all styles and taste to satisfy your demands for sports and casual wears. Have we forgotten your demands for foot-wears or headgears? Of course not. The comfort of and the maximum pleasure that each and every sportsman should feel is of utmost importance to our company.

Sports is at the heart of whatever we do, the air that we breathe and, while breathing sports, you are the very one that make up this air. Without you, we do not exist. Sports Styles provide new styles in sports throughout the year; at home, outdoors, at friends or just out to watch professionals doing their best to entertain the public. We provide all that you need for the occasion. And, we have designed everything for every season for your enjoyment. Surf the site and choose to your heart's desire

The best and the fun part of our business is what we call the Friday Hook. Yes, the Friday Hook which makes you hook a T-shirt for half the price to go to that Friday party with friends. For just about $18.00, you get a super T-shirt for a party. We create designs that you can be proud to wear for  any occasion. Below are some of the t-shirts for that evening party. They will look great and smart on you. There are thousands other designs that we will be rotating on the site. Do take time to check for any new releases.

We have also taken the time to design games for you and your friends. These games can be taken to the professional levels or just for fun. Whatever your intention, you are sure to have lots of fun. They come for all seasons; be it winter, summer or indoors, we have them all for you to enjoy. No more boring evening. Just take a couple of friends and go have all the fun you can dream of.
                   Ebony Board
Since we came up with these new games, it is our responsibility to take them to the professional level where you can compete with other individuals from different countries. Prove your best and win prices and fame.

All information concerning these events are either on the Ebony page or the events site.

The site is still at the building stages so please bear with us. This page welcomes you. Do come back a bit later. Thanks for your understanding. See you soon.
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Every business has a marketing and sales department. All marketing and sales questions and problems are handled by this department.
If you are an experienced marketologist or sales person, you are welcome to join in the expansion of our staff.

This branch as well creates opportunities for those who want to use our site as an avenue to get their goods to the global market. Work is going on in this area and hopefully all should be clear in the coming months.
Ebony is the games organizer for the company. All sporting events and games are hosted by this branch of the company. This department has a number of sub-divisions that see to issues of security, hotels and management , timing and place of events.

All questions relating to game organization come under this roof.
Ice Polo is one game capable of satisfying that held desire to ride that horse and play a game of polo. OK, you do not need that horse which costs a fortune only to see it dead after a number of years. We have taken the odds out of the equation, eased the pressure of that long awaited dream of yours. You can now play polo all year round anywhere and everywhere all season long. Isn't that wonderful? 

All you need is your desire to play with friends and loved ones on ice or on grass. The original design for ice has been modified to make room for all in any season.

It's all fireworks on ice or on grass. Whatever your choice, we are here to maximize your pleasure and tripple the fun with our new innovation.
You love puzzles and/or a lot into poker. Well, we've got something for your taking. What about all two in one with you in control and show your opponents your worth? Here, with this new two-in-one game, you are sure to have all the fun while stretching your knowledge of word building and poker strategies to play. Make the calls, play to your fill. It's all double pleasure in one go. Try it. You will love every bit of the challenge. 

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